Five (5) facts to know before getting married.

Marriage is a very good thing in life. But the main problem is, why do you want to get married, what are your aims and objectives your of getting married, what will be your achievements. Marriage is not something that  you need to rush into, it demands time and patience. This time and patience will help you study and understand what marriage is all about before embarking on the journey. 

Below down here are the five (5) facts you need to know before getting married. 

Firstly: Don't get married too young. Getting married at a very young age is very dangerous and risky, because one's is prompt to divorce. This is because your brain is still premature and has not fully grown enough to know what marriage is all about. For sure, early marriage are good at times, especially when you know that you can't keep your self; hold your emotions. But the side effects of it is very tremendous. Based on my research, I was able to find out that most of the people who got married at the age of 18, 60% divorce rate. While those who got married at the age of 13, 30% divorce rate. 

Secondly: Understand each other's value. Before embarking on the journey of getting married, it is very crucial and essential to discuss and know your individual values and beliefs. This can be, family dynamics, religion and politics. Although you guys might not agree from the very first beginning, but it is good to respect each other’s viewpoints and to ensure that they arenot a deal-breaker before embarking on the journey. 
Thirdly: Never hide your secrets away from  each other. It is very important to be open minded to each other. Saying out the truth before getting married really helps a lot. This is because the both of you will be able to know and understand each other very well and by so doing, it will be very difficult to have any misunderstanding after getting married. Most of the people who divorce in their marriages today, is as aresult of keeping secrets. When one partner is hiding a particular secret from the other, and eventually he or she later finds out, there will no longer be trust and as a result this mighty leads to a very tremendous quarrel and from there the issue of divorce will come in. 
Fourthly: Know each other's likes and dislikes. Try to tell your partner what you like and what you dislike, because will really help you guys when you finally gets married. But it's very difficult at times because what you may like, your partner might dislike it and what you may dislike, your partner might like it. But at least try to know your likes and dislikes so that you guys can get use to each other. 
Lastly: Talk about kids. The discussion about kids is an important one. You need to ask yourselves if really you want them or not. If you want them, then how many? Share your vision before you exchange vows.

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