After the day’s work, one would want to take a few minutes nap and listen to news either through the radio or television just to acquire more knowledge and keep abreast to the change of the world. And to one’s greatest dismay, all you see or hear is landslide or earthquake, one disaster or another, shooting indiscriminately on innocent people, etc. a case in point is the one that happened in America, to be precise in California on 24th of May, 2014 by a 25 year old boy who went into the museum and opened fire on innocent human beings. This is totally disheartening. Unfortunately, what is happening in overseas is more of natural disaster but the ones in our country is manmade disaster due to hatred, selfishness and greed.Do we liken this to poverty or mere laziness? God has given us intelligence or talent to make use of it positively for our own well-being but some of us have diverted the free gift of God to plan and execute evil on innocent individuals. What do we make of this crime against humanity? This is because the rising incidence of crime is at an alarming rate, be it abroad or Nigeria but my focal point is Nigeria.New Gem dictionary defines crime as violation of law, wicked or forbidden act. This problem has resulted into vices ranging from trafficking in human beings, terrorism, corruption, prostitution, militancy, kidnapping, stealing, armed robbery, cultism and hostage taking. These are now major menace in the country and seriously posing challenge to our security agents and making it look like they are doing nothing about them. These days many people are sleeping with one eye open, one eye closed. You prepare to travel; you don’t know whether you are going back home safe and sound. You go to school, you don’t know if you are going to be abducted. You go to s place of worship; you don’t know 

whether you are going to be bombed. You go to farm; you don’t know if you are going to be kidnapped. You go to market; you don’t know whether they will spray you bullets. Etc.

The question that agitates one’s mind is; do those who perform these acts have conscience? Besides one begins to wonder if these vices are inveterate in some Nigerians or are they learning it from somewhere. Do they know that involvement in an ignoble trade tarnishes one’s image and the gains 

form it is a curse; it is a known fact that some of these people use their ill-gotten money or wealth to buy their different titles in their villages and towns and nobody dares challenge the source of their wealth instead we join in their feasting and merry making. Ever ready to give them the best seat in any 

function while they live and act as if they were brought up in all refinement of opulence. Are we then not accomplices in their nefarious endeavor?

If we begin to ponder why these things are prevalent at the corridors of most of our homes today, the answers are not farfetched. What are the roots of these vices? Have our parents failed in 

their noble responsibilities of bringing their children in a good and conducive environment by teaching 

them the right attitude? All of us know that the first place of habit formation and good morals is at home. When I talk about home, I mean nuclear family. In all institutions or human history, the family has been the fundamental institution and also the center or core of the society. As a result of that if a family is good, the whole nation will be good, and if the family is bad the whole nation will equally be bad. 

However, it is the family that brings up and socializes human beings into the world. It is also within the family context that we set the normal standards and norms that guide our behavior. This behavior, if it is positive will guide us all through lift.

Furthermore, if parents are taking their responsibilities seriously by inculcating and facilitating positive change in behavior in their children by not dumping them in the hands of surrogate mothers all in the name of white collar jobs and business, one wonders why we should be having negative attitude in our society today. For the purpose of lasting peace, we need to go back and restructure our family set up and bring up our children in the fear of God, otherwise our nation will turn ‘topsy-turvy’.

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