How You Can Build Courage In Yourself.


  How You Can Build Courage In Yourself.
1. Be optimistic. That, is, being optimistic is seeing only the positive side and acknowledging or regarding that there are always opportunities in any difficult situation. An optimist can not be deterred by any difficulty or temporal defeat. He does not recognize negative circumstances. As it is wisely said that "an optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty while a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity". 2. Self confidence. This is another factor that promotes courage. When you have self confidence, you must be courageous in whatever you do. Having self confidence has to do with having self respect and regard. If you do not respect, regard or value yourself and your decision, you can not be self confident. You should not allow other people's opinion to overwhelm you or to make you feel inferior to them. 3. Let your goal be a worthwhile one. This means that when what you are fighting for or what you are trying to achieve is not worthwhile, your courage with collapse. But when it is worthwhile, you will be encouraged to hold on to your courage for the fact that your target is worth fighting for. 4. See fear as an enemy, fear as it is, is an enemy to any great achievement. Attainment of a great height does not come so easy. There are a lot of great risks and strong decisions to take in the bid to achieve greatness. So, a coward can not give these requirements of attaining the height of success and greatness.

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