How To Develop Persistence As A Habit

 How To Develop Persistence As A Habit 

Persistence is a state of mind, therefore it can  be cultivated like every other habit. There are some basic factors that form a fertile ground where persistence can grow. 

1. Definite purpose: To know what you want is the first step towards being persistent. 

2. Self confidence: Believing in yourself and your ability to carryout plans successfully encourages you to be persistent. 

3. Strong desire: It is very easy to persist when you are pursuing what you have intense, strong desire for. 

4. Accurate knowledge: Knowing very well what you doing and that the plans you have are sounds, motivates you to be persistent. 

5. Definite plans: A definite sound plan when put into action promotes persistence. Even when the plans are not sound enough, they can be made sound or be changed and replaced with a more sound one. 

6. Willing instead of wishing. Success does not respond to mere wishes instead it responds to strong will. 

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