How to convert your dream and desire into a reality


Here, having known what you want and what will be good for you, know where you come from and where you are and the situation around you and that ahead of you. How to realize all these desire you dream of becomes very important, the way to make your dreams come true include:

1. Making out a definite plan towards the realization of the dreams. This means that, you do not just desire and dream alone, because doing that is as good as a mirage which can never be real, but following your desire and dreams up with definite plans and putting these plans into action with courage, faith and determination it will work for you no matter how long it will take you. 

2. Search for solutions to these problems every time and every where. This will make you look for some reasonable people that knows more than you that might have solutions to your problems at their finger tips. Making good friends every time and every where you find your self. That, can help you find a solution to your problems. 

3. Making your dream and desire dominate your thought in its entirety. By this, you should think and dream about your dreams always, making how to realize you dreams as your major problems. The ways to realize your dreams if seen as major problems that you can not live with, will help you a lot and he opportunities to provide them will come around. 

4. Being optimistic. When you are optimistic, you do not see impossibilities, what you see always are possibilities. If you are optimistic, you do not recognized failure or any negative circumstance instead, what you will always recognize are success and great opportunities in any failure or negative circumstance. That is to say that, an optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty or any great idea that seems difficult. Even if he fails the first time, he fights on and on till success is achieved. 

5. Associating with and emulating great men. By this, it simply means, knowing the good paths and ways the great men follows toward attaining great heights and emulating them. This, can be achieved by reading the stories of lives of great men, on how they achieved their greatness. A great man Like Henry Ford of the United State of America is a good example of those you can emulate their great ways. He did not see impossibility in his guest for the invention of his V-8 motor vehicle. He only saw that it is possible for him to achieve that, and he kept on trying and trying till when he succeeded. So, such great quality of Henry Ford should be recognized and embraced by any one who want to lifetime. Succeed in any endeavor. 

6. Make your dream, your desire to be smart. This simply means that your dream or desire must be smart. 

S- Specific, being specific makes your dreams, desires look tangible and visible. When your desire can be particularly seen and felt, its attainment is guaranteed. Like for example, I want a big house made up of four separate flats up and down with a long span aluminum roofing. That is to say, describe it in details what you desire. 

M- Measurable, for your dream to be and look measurable, it simply means knowing how big exactly or small your dream is. So that, you do not overestimate or underestimate your desire or dream and the means of achieving them. 

A- Accurate, this simply means having accurate knowledge about what you want, knowing all it takes to achieve the dream or desire. 

R- Realistic, this has to do with making your dream appear and look realistic. Because, when you build castle in the air and make bugeous and empty dreams, it will surely remain a tall dream and a mirage. 

T- Timable. To achieve your dream, it has to do with time, it has to be at a particular point in time. For example, when it is a dream of going to the University, if you are still in the primary school, you have to specify the time it will take you to finish primary school, go into secondary school, finish and then to the University of your dream. It is still applicable in other works of life and endeavors. What you want should be at a particular point in time. It can still be, I want to achieve this, in my lifetime. 

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