How Imaginations Are Put Into Practical Use

 How Imaginations Are Put Into Practical Use 

        While you imagine, you come across an idea or ideas which is the starting point of every great achievement. Without imagination, there will not be new ideas. That is to say that, ideas are the product of imagination. 

        There are some well known great ideas which have yielded great fortunes that we are going to look at with the aim of making the knowledge of imagination and desire clearer and more understandable to you. They include; 

1. The Coca Cola firm. This is the product of an enchanted kettle that was brought (sold) to a drug clerk by a doctor in the USA with a secret formula for just $500.00 which was the clerk's entire savings. The secret formula was what is needed to start the old enchanted kettle boiling. The old doctor was happy to have sold the kettle and the formula for $500.00 without knowing that he has sold a great outfit which is now known as Coca Cola world wide. So what the old doctor sold was an idea that he imagined will work. 

Another one is about a great educator and preacher, the late Frank W Gunsaulus. His imagination desire started when he was going through college where he observed defects in the educational system of the United State of America. Those defects are what he believed he could correct if he could be the head of a college. As a result, he made up his mind to start a new college where he can act on his ideas. 

But, it is a capital intensive project. Where is he going to get one Million Dollar he needed to realize the project was a big question. As there was no such money he needed, what many people would have done at that point in time was to say, yes my ideas is very good but I do not have a Million dollar to realize it so I will leave the idea. But Dr. Gunsaulus did not do that rather, he made the thought about the idea a consuming fire within him day after day and night after night. 

As he knew that definite purpose backed with a burning desire to transform the purpose into its material equivalence were what he needed to start. But still, he did not know where to get a Million dollars. 

At a point, he told himself that he was going to get the needed one million dollars within a week. How he was going to get the money was not his concern rather, what was important to him was that he had made a definite decision to get the money within a specified time. 

Then, he called the newspapers and announced to preach a sermon the following morning with the title "What I Would Do If I Had A Million Dollars". As he was delivering the sermon, a man walked to the pulpit and appreciated his sermon and idea, thereby made the donation of a Million Dollars to the preacher. The name of the donor is Phillip D. Armour. 

The good ideas of Dr. Gunsaulus, and Asan Candler of the Coca Cola worked out successfully through the use of definite purpose and plans. So without a definite purpose and plan, no great idea will be transformed to its material equivalence. 

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