From the wall of ASUU chairman UDUS, Dr. Abubakar Sabo


By the time we resume,,these things should not take us by surprise.

1. Most contract, visiting and those on sabbatical will leave the university because the current arrangement does not favor for their stay in the federal universities.

2. Most students would not be able to cope up financially because the tuition fees would have to be increased by the universities in order for them to be able to cope up with those responsibilities ( casual staff, supervision allowance, external assessment, part time allowance, contract appointment, external examination etc) which the FG has taken off its hands from funding those critical elements.

3. Arising from the present experience which is associated with the trauma of stoppage of salary, cutting of salary, removal from payroll, intimidation from the AGF office, withholding of allowances and arrears payable,,,most of us who are still young and energetic would leave the teaching system and look for other greener pastures where the service would be more safer and secured.

4. Most universities, faculties and departments especially the newly established ones would have to close because those who visit to establish them have been discouraged by the antics of the government and it's agents.

5. I pity the president because it is under his watch, all these will happen while he is misguided by the capitalist agents who want to kill the public universities in order to give more life to their private universities.

6. I pity the vulnerable and unenlightened public who were also misguided into believing that Asuu is fighting for their interest alone,,not knowing that we stood for the survival of education so that our children and yet the children of other masses would have equal chance, benefits and access. 


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